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Meditation Becoming More Popular Among Teens
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Teens are under more pressure today than in previous generations. This massive increase in stress and anxiety is believed to have caused an increase in teenage attention disorders. Often they believe they’re doing things wrong. That makes it difficult to focus on the present.
Lots of research has been done suggesting meditation has benefits for both adults and teens, including: 
  • Benefits: Improved Focus, Better Test Scores, Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate, and Helps Balance the Immune System
  • Proven: To Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and even Depression
  • ​Increases: Attention and Concentration, Compassion and Empathy, Kindness and Love
  • ​Changes: Brain in ways that protect against mental illness
  • ​Improves: Control over Emotions, Sleep

Studies show that over time, meditation increases the gray matter density in your brain, helping with memory, empathy, and decision-making. 

Meditation also dismantles the connections between the medial prefrontal cortex, responsible for your perspective of self, and the amygdala, which is where fear comes from. The brain then reconnects the amygdala to the lateral prefrontal cortex, which is what allows you to see the situation from a rational standpoint. 

Over time, when your teen becomes afraid or stressed, they stop assuming it’s because of them, and instead can see situations more clearly
Along with the hard science of meditation, there are also numerous emotional benefits. 

All of the stress our teens feel isn't easy. It takes energy and thought to constantly concern themselves with what's going on in their social lives, school, friends, grades, and the future. 

Teens don't have the ability to think about just being in the here and the now. 

By helping our teens learn to stop, clear the mind, think, and just look at things as they are, we’re not only helping to unload a lot emotional stress and anxiety, but we're also helping them to better manage their emotions.

When it comes to depression, teens’ ability to observe their own thoughts without judgment and recognize emotional triggers gives them more self-understanding. It can help lessen rumination and keep them from getting caught up in a downward spiral.

The brain changes during meditation. It breaks down connections it finds no longer useful and creates new ones to give a clearer perspective. Over the years, these connections are strengthened. The ability for teens to clear their mind and calm their emotions becomes even easier. Do they need to take a test? Give a speech? There are and will be numerous opportunities for this skill to be useful and their practice to be a life changer in their growth.

As they continue through life, teens will have a clear perspective of the world and those around them, unaltered by their own toxic thoughts. Instead, they’ll be able to make judgments and connections based on observable data and a strengthened sense of empathy for others. This provides a sense of calm confidence that comes with being in control of one’s self.

The benefits of meditation are many with few, if any, drawbacks. If your teen is struggling, it’d be worth it to give it a try.

One of the most surprising trends going among teenagers is, of all things, meditation.

It changed and continues to change my life.

Jeff Yalden, Yoga, Meditation, FREE Meditation,
I do yoga and meditation daily because it helps me get better at life." - Jeff Yalden

For nearly 30 years, Jeff has worked in education as a youth motivational mental health speaker, school culture consultant, and expert on teen mental health and suicide prevention.

His own journey of mental health is his top priority. Jeff is diagnosed with major depression, bi-polar type 2, and PTSD.

In 2015, Jeff was 350 lbs and given less than a year to live by his doctor if he didn't change. His diabetes was going to be the cause of his death.

Desperate, he walked into Inlet Yoga, Murrells Inlet, SC as a last resort effort to get back into shape. 

Little did he know what Yoga and Meditation would do for him mentally and emotionally. It saved his life and he openly talks about his journey in his motivational high school assemblies.

Jeff is completing his 200 Hour Teacher Training to be a Certified Yoga Instructor.

An important note . . . Disclaimer

Meditation is not good for everyone. Nothing is good for everyone…

Anyone who’s been through severe trauma or have deep psychological issues should not close their eyes and go within. Within might not be a nice place for them. 

If you are in question, please consult your parents, counselors, teachers, and even your doctor. Know your limits. It's always okay to talk to a trusted adult in your journey through self-exploration.

There is a lot more to explore about meditation. Never stop learning new things. 

I’ve learned what meditation can do for me and it’s been a game changer. I believe that it will be an enlightening experience for you as well.

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