A Guide for Parents & Teens: 
Understanding & Living Together

A Must Read by Parents & Teens . . . Understanding Teens & Teens Understanding Themselves by Renowned Teen & Family Expert

Finally, encouragement and support written and explained in an easy and understandable manner by renowned Teen & Family Expert, Jeff Yalden. Jeff is the most sought after educational consultant on teens and staff relationships in America today. Here is an inside track to what Jeff is saying and parents and teens need to read this.

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Expert in Understanding Teens & Parenting
Three decades working with teens and parents in school communities all over the world. The founder and executive director of The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc., a Four-Time Best-Selling Author, and Celebrity Teen & Family Life Coach, Jeff Yalden has written his best work in: A Guide for Parents & Teens: Understanding & Living Together Without the Chaos and Drama.
 Why this digital product will save your life . . .
some of what you'll learn
What Teens Are Really Like
Healthy Parent-Teen Relationships
Dangerous Behaviors
Internet & Social Media
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Teen Mental Health & Suicide
Motivation for Teens & Adults
Life Matters Motivation
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