Daily Inspiration & Mentorship with Jeff Yalden

Attn: Helping School Communities with On-Demand Learning to Engage & Inspire Youth. 

Only $9.97 per month for Full Library of Courses, Activities, Presentations, Courses, Lectures, Yoga, and Meditation.
Prices Going Up August 2020!

Engaging and Inspiring our Youth From Teen Life into Adulthood

This works even without teachers, counselors, and their peers for socialization and face-to-face support.

From Top Educational Consultant on Teen Mental Health & School Culture, Jeff Yalden

Please Visit www.JeffYalden.com for more information . . .

Jeff Yalden is one of the top educational consultants and youth motivational speakers in the world. 

He's a four-time best-selling author, TEDx speaker, founder of the non-profit foundation, The Jeff Yalden Foundation, Inc., a yogi teacher, reverend, and leading expert on teens, families, and mental health organizations. 

For more information, please visit www.JeffYalden.com and see why school communities invest in Jeff Yalden for their teens and families.
Subj: How to help inspire, motivate, and engage our youth through times of uncertainty, crisis, and teen life to adulthood.  Managing the daily stresses of life: Anxiety, Stress, Overwhelmed, Home School, Social Isolation, and what lies ahead. See a difference within ONE day.

It's the new "NEW" normal and we have to improvise, adapt, and overcome; but for today's youth the way of learning is rapidly changing and Jeff Yalden is going to help them stay motivated, focused, and successful.

In the next couple of minutes, I'm going to show you how to take this stressful and uncertain situation and turn it around to something of a life-changing experience. 

This program is designed for our youth but recommended for schools, families, coaches, churches to help today's young people navigate their lives with confidence and character. 

All Access 24/7 - 365
You have for $9.97/mo. full access 24/7 365 days a year. Daily meditations and Yoga with Brogi Jeff and all presentations, workshops, activities, and lectures are available on your time. Share with friends.

Better yet, what I am going to teach you, guide you through, and inspire you to do will have forever lasting benefits for life - long after we've gone back to a "new" newer normal in life, school, work, and our daily lives. Guaranteed!

Did you know Mental Health Professionals, School Counselors, Teachers, and Thousands of People are worried about the mental well-being of not only our youth, but also parents at this time of Uncertainty and the Unknown?

Did you know that during a time where isolation becomes a new normal your kids are at greater risk for two very significant factors in suicide?
Very concerning at a time like this is the amount of screen time our kids are using during social distancing. More than 4-5 hours a day and you're 70% more likely to have major depression in your life, but what does that mean when we're online schooling? It's called the dopamine effect and I'm here to help you understand and put boundaries on what online tools the kids are using for school and what apps they're using for social media.
Did you know that more alone time leads to feelings of disappointment and being a burden?
At a time like this when our kids know you are stressed too they choose to isolate themselves further leading to not want to burden you with their thoughts and feelings. I'm here to help you and your kids find balance, healthy coping skills and problem solving skills, be more compassionate, empathetic, and more kind while also giving them some fun exercise that will get them feeling good about themselves and laughing.  It's fun for the whole family.
Did you know that school counselors and teachers are very concerned about the well-being of their students during this time?
Well, no problem then because I am here to be their inspiration and guide. School communities hire me to help with school culture and talk about teen mental well-being and how to recognize the signs and to know what to do when they're feeling alone, tired, and a disappointment. I'm here during this process everyday for you and your family to be an inspiration and to do what I've been doing for nearly 30 years. This time, I am online in available 24/7. I'll be LIVE at 9am EST and 12pm EST and two nights a week at 8pm EST for social interaction and Q&A. I'll be slinging motivation and inspiration for you all.


Now is the time to act! Only $9.97 a month (cancel anytime) and you will have me in your life as much or as little as you need. Daily meditation, yoga, motivation, interviews, and inspiration LIVE online and ON-DEMAND 24/7.

Take advantage of this opportunity for only $9.97 (you're under no obligation) when school communities pay THOUSANDS of dollars to have me come in for a day. You get me everyday!


Daily Engagement with Jeff Yalden to stay Inspired, Educated, and Motivated!
WITH Jeff Yalden on The Daily
Jeff Yalden is committed
to helping our youth with his timely and
relatable messages about life and 
getting to know ourselves.
You will be inspired by Jeff's real
talk, that is relatable, real, 
trustworthy, fun
and inspirational.
Join the 
movement with 
8am & 8:30 am LIVE EST
Once a Week LIVE Q&A
LIVE & On-Demand 24/7

You are not alone . . . Let Jeff be your kids counselor and inspirational support!

Jeff Yalden brings Trusted Real Talk and Inspiration to Millions of Youth, Families and School Communities each and every year . . . Get in on it at only $9.97 per month.

Jeff Yalden works with school counselors, school administration, teachers, parents, and mental health professionals everyday.  He's a top teen motivational speaker for his realness, compassion, and ability to make sense to young people. Don't let your kids not having their teachers and counselors LIVE and IN-PERSON stop them from thriving. Jeff will guide you and support your family each and every day (weekdays), but he will show up and weekends too. PROMISE! You're not alone and Jeff is committed to helping.
Weekdays, we will start at 9:00 am EST promptly. The perfect time to start setting your intention for the day ahead and preparing to own your emotions and own your day!

Jeff will be LIVE with Mindful Motivation guiding you to set an intention for your day and find clarity in that intention. Kind of like setting goals. 

So, no matter what distractions might arise you can turn back to your intentions. Right now, the distractions are many. 

Throughout the day your job will be to put your attention on your intention and this will help you focus and live a balanced life accomplishing things you need to accomplish while feeling good balanced with your emotions.

We will silence anxiety and stress.

Next we will do a meditation. Meditation is for the imbalances of the mind. This will help create positive thoughts. 

During this practice we will spend time focusing on the conscious breathe. Intentional breathing practices help balance the nervous system which is elevated during times of stress

A healthy mind-body connection improves your immune system which maintains your well being. A healthy immune system is key right now.
At 12 noon, we are LIVE again. So, get ready, It’s Brogi Jeff time! 

That’s right! Jeff is going to lead "physical education class" or "YOGA" and take you on a journey through yoga postures.

Don't worry about your yoga practice. It's going to be easy, fun, and guided for all levels. Important to get the body moving and feeling good about yourself. No excuses. Too much time in isolation and on the devices isn't good for you and Jeff isn't letting you slide into further isolation and laziness. 

Get your friends, grab your mat or a towel, take off your shoes and let's YOGI! 

Mom, dad, and little brother this is for you too.

Why is this important?

Yoga is mind, body, and soul. Jeff wants to make sure during this time where isolation and lack of movement can easily be the new norm you are taking good care of yourself both mentally and physically. 

Why Yoga?
* Increases flexibility
* Improves athletic performance
* Increases muscle strength and tone
* Strengthens cardio and circulatory systems. 
* Improves recovery time
* And improves respiration, energy, and vitality

I don’t know about you, but that’s great sh*! - STUFF. 

Lucky for you, Reverend Brogi Jeff is here to help and here's the benefits . . . 

  • Mindfulness Motivation to improve: Mood, Sleep, Decision Making and Memory, Boost Attention, Resiliency, Enhance Creativity, Mental Clarity, Well-Being and more.
  • Meditation to improve concentration, better sleep, happier and more relaxed, reduce anxiety, improved attention span, lowers the chance of self-medicating, helps to regulate emotions and more.
  • Yoga to improve the Physical Self, Educational Self, Mental Self, Emotional Self, and the Mental Self.
  • Personal Coaching to help with Questions, Thoughts, Support, Guidance, Trusted Inspiration from someone that understands Teens and Families.
  • ​Inspiration to help with motivation, guidance, creating a roadmap for success, and to know you're not alone and you have someone who cares.
  • Presentations/Lectures to inspire, educate, and motivate.
  • Mental Health talks to silence the stigma and let people know asking for help is OKAY and you should not be afraid, plus tools for your toolbox to help you in times of stress and anxiety.

Jeff Yalden is a Trusted Leading Authority in Education on Teen Mental Health & Creating School Culture

Your Online and On-Demand Personal Coach & Brogi

Jeff Yalden understands teens and families and has helped thousands of schools communities through crisis and intervention. He's a favorite speaker amongst teens for his combination of truth, humor, and compassion. He makes sense. He understands what they're feeling and going through.

Trust in Jeff to be your personal coach for mindful motivation, yoga, inspiration, and guidance during a time where everyone is struggling and uncertain about a new normal in our world.

Jeff saves lives in Akron, IN: (CLICK HERE). 
Jeff saves lives in Barnard, MO: (CLICK HERE).
Watch the Best of Jeff Yalden: (CLICK HERE).

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You're Not Alone . . . Mental Hydration 
for the whole Family Only $9.97 per month

Mental Hydration
Goal Setting
Vision Boarding
Support, Guidance, Coaching
Yoga Practice

Like everyone else, you're struggling to understand what the future has in store for you. The uncertainty of this global pandemic has you stressed, anxious, and concerned.

Rightfully so. This is bigger than anything we've seen in our lifetime and quite likely, it's going to change how we live and do things. A new normal is going to take place.

If you don't take action and be proactive you're going to face deeper emotional issues for yourself and your family knowing you could have done more.

Luckily for you, there is a solution. Jeff Yalden is a teen expert with mental health, or he calls it mental hydration, and he's committed to helping you and your family weekdays at 9:00 am and 12:00 pm EST. He's also going to be LIVE two nights a week speaking inspiration and Q&A at 8:00 pm EST.

All his LIVE feeds will be stored in the LIBRARY for On-Demand 24/7 availability. 

Get the whole family involved NOW before you wish you did when it could be too late.

Only $9.97 per month and get a FREE book.  Cancel anytime. No obligation. No commitment.

I'm Going to Give You More . . . For Being A Member You'll Also Receive . . . 

  • Online Videos for Teens and Parents and they're stored in the LIBRARY for On-Demand Access only to you.
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  • Special Guests LIVE for Support and Inspiration for the whole family 

BONUS (like Sprinkles and Fudge)

Special Shoutout to your family and School Community LIVE and also on The Facebook Group Page: The Daily


Once again, LIVE and 24/7 ON-DEMAND support for you and the whole family. 

 Celebrity Teen & Family Life Coach and Trusted Voice in 
Education for Teen Mental Health and School Culture. 

FREE BOOM Workbook for those that subscribe to the mailing list. 
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  • 24/7 On-Demand Access to All Videos in Jeff Yalden University Courses
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  • ​LIVE at 9am and 12noon WEEKDAYS EST Time. 
  • ​Two Nights a week at 8pm EST LIVE support, inspiration, and advice answering your questions.
  • ​Special Guests include my favorite educators, teachers, counselors, coaches, and top teen inspirational motivators.
If you don't think after 30 days you or your family benefitted from my coaching and guidance no questions asked. I will fully refund your money. No obligation. No risk. No questions. All REWARD. Only $9.97.
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