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 How You can Earn $2500 - $5000 
Per Day Speaking to Teens

No Experience Necessary. No College Degree Required.

In as little as 7 Days, you can have a new career booking speaking engagements at school assemblies and getting paid while making a difference in the world.

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Where can you invest in yourself and get such a return so quickly?

How YOU can earn $4000 in 24 Hours as a Youth Motivational Speaker, EVEN without any speaking experience!

In as little as 7 DAYS you can be a Youth Motivational Speaker with booked speaking engagements.

This On-Demand Youth Motivational Speaker Career Course Fast Track Program can change your life and give you a new career opportunity.
Hey Friend, 

Without any speaking experience, (I had ZERO Experience when I started) you can learn to get paid sharing your story and inspiring young people.

Without a college degree (not required), you can become a paid youth speaker and speak at school assemblies all over the world. If you are serious about changing your life and making a difference, I am serious about teaching you my proven method to establish yourself as a Youth Motivational Speaker and get paid making a difference in the world.

I'm Jeff Yalden and I am ready to TEACH YOU, even if you've never spoken before. So, if you've ever thought about sharing your story or speaking to teens, you are exactly where you are meant to be . . . 

I guarantee that in as little as 7 Days you too can be sending program agreements for BOOKED SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS! I helped Richie Contartessi book nearly $17,000 in paid speaking engagements within a month of working together. He's crushing it as a speaker in the youth market and corporate market.

You don't have to be well-known to be invited to give a TEDx Talk.

You don't have to have an amazing story to be invited to give a TEDx Talk.

As a result of giving a TEDx Talk you'll get thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of views. With a lot of views you'll put yourself in position to get paid speaking engagements.

My course teaches you HOW to get a TEDx Talk and CRUSH IT!

Josh Shipp Endorses Jeff Yalden

Founder of Youth Speaker University
"What Jeff has accomplished in the education market as a speaker is nothing short of incredible. He shares with aspiring speakers what he's learned along the way to help you make an impact as a speaker. Jeff and I have both been successful and yet had vastly different approaches. Which goes to show there is no one route to success other than to be authentically you."  
The Godfather of Youth Motivational Speakers

You will learn from 30 Years of Experience . . . 

In TWO HOURS I will blow your mind and give you an opportunity of a Lifetime!
Learn The SECRET in only TWO Hours, 
PLUS LIFETIME Access to my PRIVATE Facebook Mastermind Group
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What You Will Learn In This Course:
Secret #1: How YOU Can Be a Paid Youth Speaker Full-Time or Part-Time
Earn a living as a PAID Youth Motivational Speaker working as much or as little as you want. I've done it for 30 years and I will show you how to work for yourself and have fun doing so.
Secret #2: How I've Made Millions (Literally) Speaking to Teens
No experience necessary! No formal training. No college degree. No experience necessary. Personality and the DESIRE to make a difference in the lives of others. Laugh and tell stories.
Secret #3: How to Set Yourself Apart, Get Hired, and Build Clientele
Thirty years speaking to Youth Organizations and Schools. I'll show you how to get in on these grants, school budgets, and how to contact the people who have the MONEY to pay you to speak. 

Your Inspiring Story can IMPACT the Lives of our Youth
You'll Get Paid to Make a Difference!

Unprecedented Youth Speaker Career Course Fast Track

My career as a Youth Motivational Speaker has blessed me with a beautiful home, nice cars, boats, airplanes, and a motorhome and I started with the same questions you are asking. I did it and you can too!

I've spent countless hours on the phone sharing my success with people like you. Then, I started seeing these same people I've talked to struggling to become a youth speaker and they then started a Youth Speaker Course making promises.

It's hurts my heart seeing these people manipulating honest people to make a buck for themselves while trying to be entrepreneurial themselves. Disturbing and dishonest. 

Listen, if you're serious about wanting a to be a speaker and talking to teens, teachers, and parents . . . then STOP here now and listen to what I am saying. 

I've been doing this for nearly THREE DECADES. I got more time speaking to youth and making money than you probably got sitting on a toilet in your lifetime. 

I am putting everything out here in this course that is a fraction of the price of many other courses out there and I am going to give you about 10X the VALUE of these other courses.

I know what I am talking about. People know who I am. These other people have done nothing in the youth motivational speaking market. They're taking your money and not delivering.

If you are SERIOUS and willing to do what I tell you to do, because it requires work, I can show you how full-time or part-time you can earn money as a youth motivational speaker.

In Seven Days or Less you can start Speaking and Earning Money, EVEN if you have NO FORMAL Speaking Experience or a Story Ready to Share! Guaranteed!

BONUS Offer . . . FREE Coaching Session

With the purchase of your Youth Speaker Career Course Fast Track Program, I will give you a FREE coaching session.

*  Here is what you will get in my  One-on-One Coaching Session:
*  Discuss and Review Your Marketing Materials
*  Your Niche Audience
*  Your Story and How to Craft It To Inspire
*  How You're Marketing Yourself for Success
*  TEDx Talk - Get Invited
*  Writing a Book - a Best-Seller!
*  Three Things You NEED to do EVERYDAY!
 . . . and more.

Also, with your purchase you will get LIFETIME access to my Youth Speakers Mastermind Group Page where you can meet and collaborate with other Youth Motivational Speakers and receive support, advice, encouragement, and ask questions.  

Here is what you will receive:

  • LIFETIME Access to the Course & Updates
  • FREE Coaching Session: 30 Minute Coaching Session
  • ACCESS: To my Youth Speakers Mastermind Group Page to collaborate and learn from the best
  • THE TRUTH: The Truth about Demo Videos, Writing a Book, and Speaker Bureaus
  • 3 Tips for Marketing: The three tips you should do everyday
  • Selling Products: I'll teach you the products that sell and earn you CASH on the spot
  • Immediately Delivered: START your On-Demand Course Today . . . Get Coaching Tomorrow
  • #1 Most Important Lesson Learned: In THREE DECADES speaking this one thing I've learned can ruin your career
  • WHO HIRES YOUTH SPEAKERS: I will give you the direct link to the people who have the money to pay people like you to speak
  • 4 Tips to Success: Do these Four Things for each speaking engagement and you'll have more inquiries
  • ​Instant Publicity: How to get on TV, Radio, Newspapers, and even land a TEDx Talk

PLUS, I'll help you with your story and how to deliver it with IMPACT.
And so much more! The Secret to your New Career Can Start Right Now!

Speaker & Author Tim David 

Don't waste time and money learning from anyone other than someone who has experience and knowledge of the industry. Tim David came to Jeff Yalden and spend about five hours at his office learning and asking questions. Now Time is a successful speaker and best selling author who is very successful and doing what he loves while supporting his family.

You can do the same thing. You can either do it on your own, learn from people who don't know what they're talking about and charging more than Jeff, or you can learn from Jeff right from the beginning.  Your choice.
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